How to restart Firefox or Chrome browser without losing tabs

How to restart Firefox or Chrome browser without losing tabs in Windows 10.

Restart Firefox browser with same tabs

There can be multiple reasons for restarting the browser after shutting it down. However, while attempting to do so, we run the risk of losing running tabs. In that case, you’ll need to manually restore all previous tabs and windows using restore previous session option – or enable the automatic restoration of the previous session if the option is not configured.

It is important to remind that the earlier iterations of the Firefox browser featured Developer Toolbar (GCLI) to quickly restart the browser. This is nowhere to be seen now. That doesn’t mean we have no option to restart Firefox with same tabs. We have shared two methods that will help you restart Firefox with all opened tabs.

1. Using about:Restart Required Page

It’s a hidden page in Firefox browser, often utilized to apply newly installed updates.

Launch Firefox browser, type ‘about:restartrequired‘ in Firefox address bar and press Enter.

This will open a page bearing the following message –

Sorry. We just need to do one small thing to keep going. We have just installed an update in the background. Click Restart Firefox to finish applying it. We will restore all your pages, windows and tabs afterward, so you can be on your way quickly.

When visible, click on ‘Restart Firefox’ button to restart Firefox browser.

The action, when confirmed, will close and re-launch the browser with all previously opened tabs.

2. About:Profiles Page

Type about:profiles in Firefox address bar and press Enter.

When prompted with a warning message, ignore it and proceed further.

It will open the About Profiles page.

Click on ‘Restart normally…’ button to restart Firefox web browser.

Firefox will close and re-open with all previously opened tabs and windows.

Restart Chrome without losing tabs

To restart Chrome browser, keeping the same tabs intact. you need to type the following in the address bar and hit Enter:


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